Add Flyzoo Chat to your website


If you already joined Flyzoo, or want to add another website to your existing account,
skip to the Get the script from Flyzoo Dashboard section.

Get the script from

1) Click on Sign up and create your account.

Create your account on Flyzoo, chat for website and social widget.

2) Enter your website address, customization options, and click "CONTINUE >" to generate the script.

Chat for website script generation.

3) Copy the generated code

Copy the chat for website script
4) Use your favorite HTML editor to paste the script into your website's HTML code.
Save and reload the page, you should see the Flyzoo Dock standing at the right bottom of your website.

Add a chat to your website

WELL DONE! Flyzoo is installed, ad you are set as Administrator for the website.

Now you can log into the Dashboard to setup welcome messages, features and colors, create chatrooms and more!

Get the script from Flyzoo Dashboard

If you joined Flyzoo previously using an e-mail address, you can already use the Dashboard ( to get the script for your website.

WARNING If you joined Flyzoo using FACEBOOK, you need to create another account (using an e-mail address).

1) Login into the Dashboard

Setup from the dashboard

2) Click on the "ADD WEBSITE" button

3) Choose a plan, enter your website and customization options, then click on "CONTINUE"

4) The Dashboard will redirect you to the "SETUP Section", here you can get the script (or Flyzoo Application ID for WordPress).

Follow the steps described on the "Get the script from" above.

Get the API Secret Key

Check this page to implement the API integration with your site:
Flyzoo Chat API Integration